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The Richmond Hill resident, named to the Senate in December 2010 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has a master’s degree in religious studies from California State Christian University (CSCU). I’m about representing Canadians, we have to travel to Ottawa from various parts of the country,” Mr.

According to a story on the Huffington Post's Canadian news website, the school has shifted addresses four times in the past four years. Meredith went on his own on a return trip to Ottawa for a Senate sitting on Nov.

When called the telephone number listed on the university’s website, it was connected to an answering machine dedicated to selling printer equipment. Meredith’s master’s degree was referenced by the prime minister’s office when he became only the fourth African-Canadian appointed to the Senate.

A Huffington Post story also indicates the Conservative House Leader in the Senate, Claude Carignan, has asked Mr.

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As some judges in Alabama resisted the court’s action Monday, refusing to provide marriage licenses, there was fury on the right as well.

As a result, nearly three in four Americans live in states where gay marriage is currently legal.All that is clear from Monday’s action is that a majority of the nine justices turned down the request, and only Thomas and Scalia gave reasons for their actions.The lack of an explanation from the court about why it denied a stay and what that should mean on the ground in Alabama was frustrating to some.Legal experts on both sides of the issue question whether the court would have allowed that to happen unless the justices believe that a majority of the court is willing to ultimately rule that states may not ban such unions. And it was the first request the court has received since it announced last month that it would review an appeals court decision that upheld restrictions on same-sex marriages in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky.Now legally married, Dinah Mc Caryer, center, and Olanda Smith, behind Mc Caryer wearing a hat, are cheered by supporters of gay marriage as they leave the Jefferson County courthouse in Birmingham, Ala. Thomas said those factors should have given the majority pause.

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