Who is emma roberts dating from glee plish dating

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I tell her that if someone doesn't make her feel good, she doesn't need to be friends with them.I have four friends in the world I can call and tell anything, and that's all I need.But every single thing that's happened to me, even the bad stuff, I'm fine with it.If I can give myself credit for anything, it's that I do try to learn from the bad.You're going to do it, and you're going to be great." She definitely grounds me on days when it's crazy here.GLAMOUR: You and the rest of the gang have been down in New Orleans shooting for months. ER: The first day I got to set, Jamie Lee Curtis [who plays the school's dean] had left me a handwritten note and books because she knew I love to read. Lea and I were just talking about the fact that [Jamie Lee] leads a normal life and has a family and a career, which is something I ultimately want. Billie [Lourd, who plays one of her sorority sisters] and I have sleepovers."Emma and Evan have been dating for a few months and even worked together on the satirical comedy "Adult World," sources revealed to Just Jared exclusively."They were holding hands and locking arms at the wedding and looked really cute." Daily Mail posted photos of Peters resting his hand on the small of Roberts' back.

Even though I'm 24, I still look under the bed every night before I go to sleep.

What do need from your female friends at this stage of your life? My best friends are the kind of girls who, if I have something important to do, will come over and help me pick out an outfit while we drink a glass of champagne.

My sister is 14, and I'm so protective over her.

In the past year I've done a serious clearing of people who didn't treat me the way a friend should treat you.

GLAMOUR: That's something lots of people dream of doing but never have the guts to actually do. I think I've cried more about breakups with girlfriends than I ever have about boyfriends. I only have girlfriends now who make me a better person.

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