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I cry because I miss people, I laugh for the good times and keep going to create new great memories. We have fish on the 24th, open a few gifts the night before, with family and friends.

Husband’s Father is Jewish, so we light a menorah as well, that’s about 500 years old.

Oddly what I enjoyed most about LA, had nothing to do with the entertainment industry. By the time I got married to my Tuscan Husband and had 2 kids,we spent another decade in Los Angeles,in a fantastic 1930’s Spanish home,nesting,and navigating parenthood…wondering where we should raise our children,since living in LA had become a drag with the paparazzo and the new culture of “celebrity” which I found invasive and vulgar.

We were spending more time at home being parents,entertaining a lot.

My husband single handedly,exploded our brand,and even opened up his own cafe/store–The Tuscan

We wrote a best selling Cookbook,and I booked a fantastic TV series with Darren Star called YOUNGER (for TVLAND) that takes place in Brooklyn and NYC (we are currently filming season 2).

I met incredible people, and developed life long relationships that spanned from Washington State,down through Mexico.

We take chances, even through fear, to live our lives to the fullest! The milk and butter were still delivered to a box at our front door, and it was delicious! It’s vegetarian, it’s comfort food to us..super healthy and even better the next day.The mountains were an hour away,same with the beach.I learned to drive,and fell in love with the vintage car culture.Children were put into Public School, and are now strong NY ladies.We frequent theater,art shows…and we are now closer to Italy,which we travel to often. Fave Cook Book Oh My God…we collect cookbooks…there are so many amazing ones!

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