Updating to plesk 9

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lynxman's answer still stands, however - if you're planning an upgrade to Plesk 10 (or 11) ensure your license key supports this. If you're on a Windows domain, then any accounts with Domain Administrator or local administrator permissions will be able to access it.If you enable file and printer sharing, rules are added.No further changes are required, so please refrain from editing the registry with funny entries and so on.I am wondering where I can get the repository list for this version?

Parallels Inc, the company who make Plesk, have a comprehensive support website.

Here's an article on how to enable this access in a workgroup situation: Protecting against advanced threats requires an IT dream team – a well-oiled machine of people and solutions working together to defend your organization. You would have to add firewall rules to access the admin shares, and that could be done through group policies using the Computer policies under Security Settings/Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

Download our resource kit today to learn more about the tools you need to build you IT Dream Team! Did he remove access to it, or did he actually remove the admin$ shares?

The utility automatically determines your operating system and installs the latest version of an appropriate distributive in the typical configuration.

You may be logged out of Plesk due to inactivity while the upgrade is running and the upgrade may appear to have stopped.

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