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Perhaps it had been the day that the last person he'd ever held relatively close to his heart had passed on, rather gruesomely, for that matter. Hated the fact that he had to keep his true life, everything that now defined him, a secret from them all, because what else was he suppose to do? He supposed he could prove it to them—he'd tried most all the possible roads that lead to death, none had worked, on —but he didn't think he could stand to be near them after. "I wouldn't count on it." And the two friends shared a moment of silence, shaking their heads. Soon, Viper's sharp eyes caught sight of another apple, which flew through the trees above them and hit Pippin in the head, who glanced up, bewildered. The part continued on their way, the two hobbits munching happily on their fruit, and Viper exchanged amused looks with Strider, who looked away after a few moments. Strider stayed behind, just ahead of the hobbits, who huddled in their own conversation, and the Ranger stared at the back of the mysterious figure known as Viper for the rest of the journey that day, until they stopped at the fall of night for rest.o Oo Oo""Viper sat in the dark, at the very edge of the campfire, leaning against the rough bark of the tree. He listened silently as Strider sang the song of the fair elven maiden, saying nothing, not moving once to even suggest that he was awake and listening. Soon, the rustle of cloth was heard, once the song had finished, and Viper heard Frodo's voice. He sat down next to the Ranger, on the deadened tree. "Something is bothering you...""It is nothing," The man said immediately in response. "I see."They sat in silence for much longer into the night, until Viper leaned forward, and twisted around to look Strider in the face, though the other man would not be able to see his, hooded as it was. "Ah, but if we make haste to Rivendel, well, he should be fine in a few weeks."They turned to watch Strider fight off the remaining Nazgûl, a torch in one hand, sword in the other, and the Ranger drove them off to follow the ones that had already fled. The uninjured hobbits following behind, eyes tearful and full of fear. Frodo was lying back at the campsite—they'd moved somewhere else, since Amon Sûl—wrapped from head to toe in blankets, sweating like he was three feet away from the sun, with Sam tending to him like a mother hen to it's chicks. The two engaged in a intense conversation, and Viper listened intently. They soon heard screeching, and Viper's head snapped up. They were long, black blades with silver hilts, wickedly sharp. He didn't see the frown on the youngest hobbit's face, after that. If any of you readers wish for me to add on another arc—which I will most likely be doing anyway—send me your ideas, which show/book/game do you want to see?Perhaps, even, it had been the day that he had always dreamed would be the end of it all. It was irritating, especially when you wished not to be noticed the majority of your time. They'd stare at him, they'd fear him, they would treat him as, not an equal—sometimes they'd treat him as if he was lower than themselves, sometimes he was treated as if a god(he . From over the bushes, and apple flew, and Merry caught it. Viper grinned, deciding to spend the time of silence thinking back. His eyes were closed, and his breath was slow and even, chest rising in sync with the intakes of oxygen. "You will need rest for the journey too." He told the man. "You need to sleep," He observed, in the way that made it seem as if he was speaking only to himself. I will take this watch."Strider sat, frozen, under Viper's intense gaze, until he nodded stiffly. But, you will wake me for the next one.""Of course."Strider nodded once again, and made his way to his own bedroll, near the fire, which was dwindling down. Viper stood there without a word, watching as Frodo called out for his wizard friend, Strider hushing him. He knew that, if the hobbit was not treated soon, then he himself would turn into one of the Nazgûl, those Black Riders. "Strider opens his mouth to reply, but Viper decided this would be the time to show himself, and he jumped down from the trees—they group jumping at his arrival. He ignored her studying look and glanced down at Frodo, who was breathing heavily. "."The mask quickly shattered as Arwen smiled back."They're speaking in elvish, Sindarin, a language of the elves." Viper explained to the slowly panicking hobbits—Sam, especially, was wringing his hands in worry, frowning heatedly at the two conversing adults. "They come," he told the others, and they Packed quickly. Strider's eyes widened and Viper knew he was wondering how he had not seen them on his person before. One of the wraiths swung it's sword at Strider's throat, missing by only an inch. The hooded immortal only grinned."Where is the Halfling, Ranger?! Eventually, they managed to fend of the Nazgûl, and Viper stood in a tree, staring after them as they rode away—thankfully in the opposite direction than the way Arwen took Frodo. They spent the rest of the day walking on, and barely a word was spoken, save for the few lame attempts from the hobbits to start a conversation. He gestured at Rivendel, which lay before them, and shrugged once again. "I've seen better."Strider raised his brows, looking extremely doubtful. This is mainly a way to keep me busy, and I don't think I'll get bored with it, since I can always tack on more ideas whenever I want.Unfortunately for his parents, and also for him, they chose the wrong man. Viper knew that not having a last name, or even any titles attacked to your name, was equivalent to having no true identity at all. We need to hurry on to Rivendel, Strider."The Ranger cursed violently, ripping of the ends of his cloak and tying them tightly around Frodo's wound. Sam asked once again, and Strider snapped the answer out this time. He voiced his question aloud, and almost jumped when someone answered. "You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it.""."She walked over and looked up into Aragorn's face intently. "The shadows do not hold sway, yet." Viper mused, translating her words, and the two turned to him, surprised. Not over you, and not over me."o Oo Oo First of all, this entire idea is dedicated to my goof friend Vanyalin(her username on this site), who was their throughout my planning of everything. The driver turned himself in later that day, and I expect he feels terrible, but I was pretty darn devastated when I was PMed by her friend, telling me of her passing. Speaking of this, the friend who contacted me(on here, his username is Raumoverca) has decided to take the ideas he'd found she'd left over and write them himself.

He thought, —it all, would be lost."—know I just wanna—""Yes," he interrupted, his smooth voice catching the attention of the man who had been speaking, and even a few who hadn't, at first. My condolences."And he lifted his glass to his lips, taking a sip as the other man nodded so fast he thought the guy's head would topple off and continued to blabber on. You know, I was just thinkin'—""Sorry about him," an apologetic voice spoke over the constant noise of the other man, and he turned. No one had ever come to him to explain these things, he'd had to learn everything on his own. Viper watched silently as Ohmer stood up, tossed some coins at the bartender, and left the inn, dragging his completely drunk, and unconscious, friend—Viper recognized the man he'd been... He wondered why the friendly looking sandy-haired young man had even approached him. Different species of intelligent beings, and not just humans. He didn't exactly remember, it had been so long ago, but he eventually decided that that world had revolved around dragons quite a lot. Viper felt a headache coming on."Did you not listen to what I've just said? It must be destroyed, if anything." Strider froze, falling behind a few steps as Viper continued walking casually, as if they'd been discussing the weather."Destroyed? Viper let out a whispery chuckle, before leaning back and lounging on the log, staring off into the night.o Oo Oo They traveled in silence all of the following day. The hobbits rushed in the direction he indicated, the dark night and the cries of the Nazgûl surrounding them. " He asked, panicked."I cannot see him," Merry shook his head as the three hobbits surrounded Frodo."Back, you devils! He was immortal already, he couldn't die—but could he turn into one of those, and would he be stuck like that, or would it just fade away when this world died, and another was born from it's ashes? "Viper jumped after Strider as he led the newcomer, a elven woman named Arwen, back to the camp. " Pippin asked, Arwen looked up at the question, curious. Arwen mounted her horse, and Strider set Frodo before her. " Arwen nodded and leaned forward, The horse shot ahead. " Sam asked Strider hysterically, as he walked back to their fire. Soon, the Nazgûl were quickly gaining on them, and Strider unsheathed his sword. The hobbit's eyes were drooping tiredly, and their walk was sluggish and slow at best."Oh, look." Viper suddenly spoke, dully, sounding intensely uninterested in the world. Sam was literally bouncing in place, then rushing almost ahead of them if Viper didn't keep snatching him by the collar and pulling him back again. If you wish to skip an arc, if you don't like the second category featured, or if you don't know it(in which case, I'd just recommend googling the fandom, then reading the plot and such on a few wikis—that's what I do ^-^), go ahead, but you might miss something important, is all I'll say.He'd been born to a lovely couple, recently married not a year or so before. He regarded the painting intently for a moment or two, interested. ""The Men of the South are welcome here." Aragorn replied, closing the book quietly and setting it aside."Who are you?Life was cheerful, certainly, but it had been during a war. But Gandalf confirmed the fact, "That is what the Rangers are, my dear hobbit. "Bilbo lifted a wrinkled hand to pat his charge on the cheek. "I think your adventure, is just beginning.""I say! Then, conscious of another presence, turned and saw Aragorn staring at him curiously. " The man inquired, leaning forward."A friend of Gandalf the Grey.""Then we are here for a common purpose," the man smiled, "friend. " He reached for the haft, picking it up and shifting it in his hand, testing it's weight and feel as a warrior should.And the third, he was the last of their group—a small little guy, perhaps a few screws loose. I rather enjoy watching people guess."Ohmer almost pouted. "But what about—""I do not have a last name," Viper told him dismissively—He never had last names, anymore. After a few hundred times of the two men replying that they couldn't know, Viper saw that Strider was beginning to get annoyed. He took a breath of clean, fresh air, and blinked slowly, taking in his surroundings. The room they were in opened up into a beautiful garden that just stole his breath away, and the warm autumn air breezed in gently. But you have some strength in you, yet, young Frodo! "The same weakness.""Your time will come," Viper declared, and Strider looked back up, wishing he could spot that glimmer of color again in the shadows of the hood.His parents had wanted to go for the second man, but the guy had suggested another to take his place. He watched silently, sipping from his glass, as Ohmer raised an eyebrow at him, before the man was distracted by th arrival of his own drink. He made his way over to the man's side and raised an eyebrow, following behind the irritated Ranger in silence. "Indeed." And they made their way down to the great elven city, reading for days of rest.o Oo Oo""Frodo slowly awoke, blinking as bright light assaulted his eyes. He felt soft, clean bedsheets beneath him—where was he? "And," the wizened man went on, "it is ten o'clock in the morning, on October the twenty-fourth, if you so wish to know."Frodo sat up, half surprised his shoulder hurt no longer. The sound of falling water mixed with the lovely singing of birds soothed his nerves. "Frodo smiled, and the two shared a laugh, before the hobbit ventured to ask, "What happened, Gandalf? But he couldn't, and Viper placed a hand on his shoulder.

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