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She received a bachelor's degree in 1970, and married Steven Mc Auliffe soon after.

The couple had met and fallen in love during their high school days.

Christa Mc Auliffe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 2, 1948.

A high school teacher, she made history when she became the first American civilian selected to go into space in 1985.

Mc Auliffe was an extraordinary teacher with a dream of being a passenger on the space shuttle, so when NASA announced a contest to take a teacher into space, she jumped at the chance and applied. Bush delivered the good news at a special ceremony at the White House, stating that Mc Auliffe was going to be the "first private citizen passenger in the history of space flight." After NASA announced the selection of Mc Auliffe, her whole community rallied behind her, treating her as a hometown hero when she returned from the White House.

As a tribute to her memory, a planetarium in Concord was named after her, as well as an asteroid and a crater on the moon.It's so easy, simply create your personal profile and view your most compatible matches, browse profiles in your area and see who likes you.The Transformers: The Movie is an animated feature film based on the original Transformers toyline.She believed that by participating in the mission she could help students better understand space and how NASA works.One of the more difficult aspects of the program was leaving her family for extensive training.

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