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In addition to modifying the security ACLs of the web content files, Front Page modifies the ACLs of any system DLLs that are used as a result of a Front Page DLL call, to ensure that the system DLLs will have the correct level of permissions to run under any administrator, author, or end-user's account.For the complete set of ACLs set on Front Page files, along with a list of the entire contents of a Front Page installation, see Front Page Windows NT File Permissions.When you install the Front Page Server Extensions, the following components are installed: These installation instructions are for the stand-alone Front Page Server Extensions that are downloadable from the Front Page Web site.The Front Page client is a separate CD-ROM based setup that includes both the Front Page Server Extensions and the Front Page client.On some platforms this is initiated automatically by the Front Page client setup program.On other platforms, it must be done as a separate administrative task.

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It is always most effective to use the most up-to-date versions of the Front Page client and the Server Extensions.

The Front Page Server Extensions are installed automatically as a part of the Minimum and Typical IIS 4.0 setup.

However the Server Extensions are added to virtual servers based on the following rules: The Front Page 98 Server Extensions for UNIX platforms are available for downloading at

You can also find the Server Extensions setup programs on the Front Page 98 CD-ROM, in the folder \Serv Ext.

This folder contains self extracting setup programs named in the form fp98ext_is a three-letter code for the language of the server extensions.

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