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1870, would seem to have been Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1869/70 thru 1888/89. In 1873/74, Banner Bros., also of London, became her owner for service in 1873/74 from London to Lagos, Nigeria (LR ceased providing service data after that date). In 1876/77, per LR, the vessel became a brigantine of 187 tons. Banner of London as her then owner or managing owner, while the equivalent list of 1880 lists John Banner.

) that on the night of Jan 23, 1875, the vessel was in collision with Joshua & Mary, also built at Sunderland, during an enormous gale which swept the country. The vessel would seem to have been Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1873/74 thru 1879/80. 22, 1871, per line 1777 here, the 665 gross ton steamship collided with another vessel. Nazaire, France, to Cardiff, sank off Ushant (a small rocky island in the English Channel off the coast of Brittany, near Brest, France). Agnes Jack was a 574 gross ton steamer built at Liverpool in 1865.

The Court was also critical of the construction & strength of the engine room skylight. LR of 1872/73 notes that the vessel had been wrecked. ) that the vessel was wrecked near Montevideo on Apl.

29, 1879, no hope remaining of saving the ship, the crew were rescued by Selina (cannot tell you which Selina) & landed at Bristol. The Court held that the loss was in no way due to the acts or defaults of her captain & that the loss of the vessel 'was due mainly, if not entirely, to her defective construction' - too deep in relation to her beam & as a result having insufficient stability, certainly to carry a cargo such as bulk grain. of London, for service initially from Sunderland to the Mediterranean, but later (the detail is confusing when it refers to Hartlepool to India) for service from Liverpool to Lisbon, Portugal. on May 21, 1872, per line 2854 here, the vessel is stated to have stranded near Montevideo while en route from Buenos Ayres (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to Monte Video (Montevideo, Uruguay) with a cargo of wool etc. The vessel is Lloyds Register ('LR') listed from 1874/75 thru 1880/81.

) that Christian Michael Matzen of Altona, Hamburg, owned the vessel in 1882, the data being recorded within a registry of passengers from Hamburg to Australia in May 1882. On May 9, 1882, Justine Helene, under the command of Peter Petersen, left Hamburg via Cuxhaven (at the mouth of Elbe river, Germany - left May 15) for Adelaide, South Australia, with a general cargo which included 30 cases of pianos. The webmaster seems to have in his files 3 versions of LR of 1887/88 & in one of those 3 volumes the vessel is mentioned, both re its change of name to Justine Helene & re its ownership by 'Matzen'.

Kathy Doering, in a guestbook message advises us (thanks! The vessel's sole voyage to Australia, it would seem. I initially thought that the vessel was never mentioned in LR, but that is clearly not true. Y So far as I can see, the vessel was never listed in Lloyd's Register.

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