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This is never the case if you impregnate a woman the "natural way".The mother of the child will always have legal recourse. Nice but dumb guy from a farm with no female experience. I think it's yet another example of a very old human activity with a slightly new face put on it.Looking for specific sperm because of looks and intelligence is nothing new. Well, y'know, I remember seeing a profile on here once with the tag line something like:"Looking to make interracial babies"I wonder how that's working out for her? Any gal who wants to get prego can hop on POF, make a profile with "Hang Out" and "No Commitment", with her profile saying she's just looking to do it and do it good, no strings.... the outcome is a genetically blessed child who would like to find her dad.Suppose I have to give her kudos for honesty even if I think it's probably being a little too "up front". and by the time she reads her 10th inbox message, a guy will be knocking on her door with a hard-on! Nahhh Woman wants to have a man with a fabulous genes impregnate her so she has a genetically blessed child. Women look their best when they are carrying a child. This is a very important issue especially for women, because men can have children even at a very advanced age, but for women there is a time limit. So, when you start dating and considering a potential partner, it should be logical to find out from the beginning if the man or woman you are dating has the same intention you have with regard to having children.You currently have cookies disabled in your browser. Join for free and search through thousands of profiles Joining only takes a minute. And it's not only women who long for children, often men have the same desire, if not more! I'm 23 an want to be a dad any girls any age wanna have my babies just message me Life your life first. I'm 23 an want to be a dad any girls any age wanna have my babies just message me Any male who thinks he's a man because he can get a girl pregnant is really nothing more than a confused little boy.You make all this money, and your still on dh Be careful on what you ask for. Dating pregnant girls is as easy as ever now that you have found this amazing matchmaking website!

Sperm banks operate under lawful guidelines, and those who donate won't know the recipient and he will remain anonymous at all times.

You're own child needs you because you're their Father.

If you feel this kwinky dating community is for you then click the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the Pregnant Dating Community and start meeting others like you. I read a thread too fast the other day and missed the word "funny", I gave a rather morbid account of a thing that was not the least bit funny, while everyone else was posting jokes.

Not really, because it would become corrupt in no time, maybe even before it went into effect. (That being said, one would also think a good attorney would have known/investigated that as well, but... I remember reading about it and it being about them not using a doctor and that it had nothing really to do with the 'agreement' between them.

Just as there's never going to be a time when all people take responsibility for their reproductive system, and just as it's never going to happen that all people wanting kids are going to be good at being parents. There was a case in Ohio recently where two lesbians put an ad on Craigslist seeking a donor. Agreements between the consenting adults were signed. It might have actually wound up being legal in another state. In my case , a restaurant is where I found mine and it made a genetically perfect child (after marriage of course, so mother wouldn't just DIE) which was soon voided and mission accomplished.

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