Poems about dating violence

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perfectly explores the intensity of young love, even as it illuminates how Random Boy's controlling and jealous behavior--which seems almost innocuous at first--begins to slowly slide into the physical and emotional abuse of Forgotten Girl.

The result is a never preachy depiction of teen dating abuse that is fully humane, complex, avoids victim-blaming and shows compassion for both the victim of violence, and the young perpetrator raised in an incredibly violent home--while never excusing the violence itself.

I was trying to create the quintessential first love relationship--that feeling of finally finding someone who gets you--when maybe you aren't even sure love is real or if it real, you aren't sure if it's possible for you.

Both characters are hiding things about their lives. When they meet, each takes some of that load for the other just by seeing and acknowledging the pain.

People often abuse because it's the only method they know for keeping someone they love in their lives.

Random Boy's behavior isn't excusable--not in the least--and yet it's easy for the reader to feel empathy for him as someone who has suffered terrible abuse himself and hasn't been able to break free of the cycle of violence.

I researched the reasons and beliefs that cause people to abuse others, and I found it really heartbreaking.

Abusers are generally abused or witnesses of abuse, so it's a learned behavior.

Violence is a learned behavior and we know that some of these teens are witnessing domestic violence in their homes.

Every character needs to be the main character of their own story, so I had to ask, "What are the causes that lead this character, who really seems to love this girl, to start abusing her?

" In order to answer the first question, you need to delve into the second question because the person being abused doesn't see just the villain abuser, they also see the kind, weak, abused person underneath all of that.

" But your novel answers both of those questions in an amazing way.

It's interesting that you bring up the old question, "Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

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