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Abbott was initially reluctant to sell the film rights to State of Play, fearing a compressed version of his mini-series would be unworkable, but in May 2004 a seven-figure Paramount Pictures-backed bid led by producer Scott Rudin was accepted.

The bid prevailed over an offer from Andrew Hauptman's Mission Pictures (backed by Warner Bros.), but the deal fell through before completion.

Collins's estranged wife Anne (Robin Wright Penn), whose conversation with Cal seems to imply a past love triangle dating back to their college years, reveals that she knows the amount of money Sonia received from Point Corp, after just hearing Collins's statement to the newspaper.

After the couple leaves, Cal realizes that Collins knew already that Sonia was working for Point Corp.

As he leaves the building, Cal is confronted by Bingham.

Officers arrive and shoot Bingham before he opens fire. There, Cal and Della type up their own story, noting that Collins was secured and arrested.

According to Carnahan, the story's core issue (and main factor behind his desire to write the adaptation) was the question it raised about whether a person would be justified in doing "a pretty awful thing" if they were performing great deeds in other areas of their life.

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The girl gives him photographs that the thief, a friend of hers, had stolen from the killer's briefcase.Someone could write absolute rubbish about you because their aunty's having a problem with cancer or something. So I think examining that conceit and examining the true input of human experience in the journalism that we read, it was very interesting for me." Macdonald delayed filming by a week to perform a scene-by-scene review of the script with Pitt; by the end, the director told the actor "I don't think we want to make the same film." When Pitt decided to drop out of the film he called the director himself to say so.Pitt preferred a version closer to the original Carnahan draft and wanted to postpone filming until after the resolution of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, which would have enabled a further rewrite.When he chose to concentrate his time on his family, the task was handed to Bourne film series screenwriter Tony Gilroy, who performed a small rewrite based upon Carnahan's notes."I wanted to explore the ambiguity of journalism...It's a kind of a conceit that journalists live under, that they remain objective. They're all too human, all too emotionally affected.

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