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On islands with plentiful supplies of hard stone, stone adzes were major tools.

Bamboo food and lime containers are still made on Guadalcanal and other islands with blackened etched designs.

Finished stones themselves were traded to islands where local stone was unsuitable.

On some islands without such supplies, such as the Polynesian outliers of Rennell and Bellona, Ontong Java and Sikaiana, adzes and scrapers were made from the hard clamshell Tridacna. The mbarava clamshell plaques in the Western Solomons and the intricate turtle shell cut-outs used for head and breast ornaments (variously called dala, funifunu, or kapkap) were manufactured using stone drills and fibre saws.

Stone, shell, animal teeth, feathers, plants, clay, have all been utilised, but not metal before the introduction of trade goods in the nineteenth century: there was no smelting.

Archaeological excavations have uncovered trochus (Trochidae) shell fragments and other decorated items dating back at least five hundred years.

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