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Davon went on to be the only performer to get a shoe thrown at him by Jennifer, her bizarre response to show maximum admiration, with host Carson Daly teasing her: 'We have hired a person now who just fishes out your shoes.''What you do is nothing sort of miraculous,' Adam Levine told Davon, praising his 'swaggy' gold jacket and adding: 'It blows my mind how effortlessly you do things like this.

You're the real deal, you really, really are.''If you're not in the finals, that's ridiculous,' Blake Shelton agreed, with Jennifer echoing his view, saying that if Davon does not make the coming rounds 'then I don't understand why we are here in the first place.'Blake later took the stage with Gwen Stefani — who host Carson repeatedly referred to as his 'friend' — as they once again showed off their love that started when Gwen was also a coach on the show.

Adam's 16-year-old hopeful Addison Agen shocked the coaches with a stripped-down version of Britney Spears's Lucky that drew out what Adam called the 'dark' and 'sad' lyrics.'There are a lot of great singers in this competition, but I truly believe you are the best artist in this competition,' Adam insisted of the teen.

And I'm just so glad to see a voice like yours get this type of platform.'Blake stressed that he was 'an opposing coach' but admitted: 'You just took it to the next level.'Coach Miley then told her she 'put a giant Band-Aid on my broken heart from last week' where she lost one of her female team members, telling Brooke: 'I know I am not going to feel that this week because you are not going anywhere.'Adam's country rocker Adam Cunningham joked that he was 'coming out now every time with that Rocky 4 attitude' after finishing in the bottom two the last two weeks.

'I don't think you could do no wrong.'I don't know much about country — Blake is teaching me!

— but from my idea of it, you are all of that and then some,' she told him.

'I think that's what Ashland's going to have to really bring to this — an attitude.'She got her hopeful to wear a rocker's style leather jacket — but with her name written on the back in rhinestones and matched with red leather cowboy boots.'You can tell who's Team Miley around her — you came down from that stage bedazzled with your tongue out,' Mile joked of the contestant.

Jennifer, meanwhile, told her: 'I could not take my eyes off of you — you are a star!

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