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Roving my eyes up, I perceived a matching bra beneath her blue blouse, from the same flowery patterns imprinted on the silky cloth. Venus (winks, sending jolt down my spine): The same boring routine.... They rested snugly on lacy bra, two neatly packed packages of flesh.

I caught sight of her dark lacy panty, clearly visible through that tight, white skirt. I've read that working at night harms your health in the long run. At the peak of her flat abdomen rested two mounds, large enough to arouse, but not saggy, and proportional to her whole form.

I look to you for guidance and direction and only ask that you be patient, kind and respectful.

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On my first assignment, the supervisor had me send three items. Luckily a phone number was on the parcel, and I called. I pressed "4" on the panel and the doors opened to a small, private lobby, adorned by pots of plastic plants in corners and a bench for waiting visitors. " "I got lost too, when I first started working here," she chimed. " I took the chance get to know the pretty-face better. I'm actually a secretary, but my job involves taking overseas calls.

The actual entrance to the office was a thick wooden door with an opening at eye level, so staff could see who's calling. Since that friendly exchange, I hoped to be mesmerized by that pretty face and melodious voice again.... So I work the night shift because it's office hours in the foreign offices." "You're alone?

I mentally removed that tight clothing and visualised her in her lingerie, taking in every alluring bend of her outline. If the proverbial Venus were a real person, this was as close as she could get.... I shouldn't bore a bright-eyed schoolboy like you with my adult problems.

The whole place looked homey -- more private residence than office. X X X On my next delivery to the secluded office, the pretty office lady recognized me. " "Yup." "Must be pretty lonely all by yourself, night after night." She exhaled a short sigh, cut short probably because she realized it improper to complain to a stranger. Just do what the company says." "What does your company, er, do?

Upon ringing, the door slit opened and suddenly my trip was worthwhile. She asked if I was a full-time courier because I looked 'a little young'. " She gave a lengthy explanation on how her logistics employer operated, and how only a skeleton staff was needed here, because most of the footwork had been outsourced, and her office didn't physically handle the goods they coordinated.

My name is Corey Lyn which is a hodge-podge of my real name and I am excited, anxious and thankful to finally be here!

I am an open, honest, single woman with no kids, never married, that recently walked away from her previous life.

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