Free 2way cams uk

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(illustration) The lock mechanism is held in place on the metal panel by a plastic bracket with two cylindrical pins keeping the bracket in place.Use a blunt tool to push the pins out from the rear of the panel.*Only needed if disassembling the locking mechanism.Autozone carries a good variety of bits, more so than the other chains I've tried (O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, Sears Hardware).The cable can be positioned at various points along the handle.Note the current position of the cable and release it from the handle.Subsequently sending an unlock and second lock signal then locks the problematic door.

On my car, these screws were loose and allowed the lock mechanism to move around, causing solder joint stress - keep reading...

Take care not to pull the trim panel far away from the door, as there are several wire/cable connections still in place between the trim panel and door.

After the lower portion of the trim panel is separated, pull the entire panel upward to unhinge the panel from the window sill.

The trim panel should now be free from the door, with several wires and cables still in place.

(illustration) Reconnect the handle/switch assembly to the brown wire harness to allow window control.

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