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They’ve been asking us for a while now to host a live event where they can put faces to names.

Also, there just aren’t many conferences or events out there specifically for single young adults.

We can take 900 unless we make adjustments in June that will cause us to cap it at 500-600. We currently have 41 states and 5 countries represented.

This audience (based on registration so far) will be super diverse.

You have a diverse set of speakers joining you at Pursuit.

But we don’t want to merely do that by ourselves, so we’re opening the 5K to the public and inviting others to run with us, making it a true citywide (or regional) event.

We’re encouraging folks to insert their own story into the experience, so maybe they want to run “for” something, like their grandparents’ marriage that made it more than 50 years, or their parents’ marriage that made it back from the brink of divorce, or their mom who was a pregnant teenager but chose not to abort them and instead chose life, etc.

What does the title mean, and how do you hope the participants will apply it? The first is a reminder of God’s relentless pursuit of us.

Second, we are to pursue Him wholeheartedly in a culture that is telling us to turn away from Him.

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