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Due to its position, Calais since the Middle Ages has been a major port and a very important centre for transport and trading with England.It was annexed by Edward III of England in 1347 and grew into a thriving centre for wool production.

During World War II, the Germans built massive bunkers along the coast in preparation for launching missiles on England.

Julius Caesar mustered 800 to 1,000 sailing boats, five legions and some 2,000 horses at Calais due to its strategic position to attack Britannia.

located at the western edge of the early medieval estuary of the River Aa.

The municipal charter of Calais, previously granted by the Countess of Artois, was reconfirmed by Edward that year (1347).

Its customs revenues amounted at times to a third of the English government's revenue, with wool being the most important element by far.

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