Blackberry appointments not updating google calendar

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While the OG Pixel had the sensor in the same excellent location, it was slower to confirm a fingerprint than many other phones.

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL seem about twice as fast to unlock as the 2016 Pixels, which makes them much more competitive.

The bottom half of the phones is squeezable, which Google calls Active Edge.

This feature doesn't change the feel of the device compared to the top half, and it can be configured to require a hard or light squeeze.

At the same time, Google has made the controversial decision to drop the headphone jack, and have you seen the big-honkin' bezels on the 5-inch Pixel 2? Even with the handful of questionable decisions, the Pixel 2 (particularly the XL) is a worthy successor to the OG Pixel.

There are a lot of excellent Android phones in 2017, but the Pixel is still the best for most people. It's mostly stock with a few handy add-ons like the Pixel Launcher and automatic offline music detection.

South of the glass panel is the fingerprint sensor, which has the same pleasing texture as the rest of the back panel.

Google says it paid attention to the speed and accuracy of the sensor this year.

The Pixel 2 also has a few new software tricks, and it's water-resistant.

The anodizing texture has a matte look and feel, and it's surprisingly grippy, too.

My review units are both the black versions, so I can't say what the panda phone feels like.

If that ever comes up, though, I think you have bigger problems.

In addition to being water-resistant, the new Pixels feel extremely solid in the hand.

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