Bahamas dating customs

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The 18th-century Privateers Republic has become the 20th‑century bankers paradise, at least on New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Over 50 varieties of trees can be found here, including such exotic species as the African tulip, the casuarina, the cork tree, several varieties of palm trees, and about 40 varieties of fruit trees.Many foundered, and the waters of the archipelago were littered with wrecks.Tales of treasure lured pirates, and they used the Bahamian islands as hideaways and bases.The Bahamas stretch over a distance of some 760 miles from northwest to southeast and includes 30 inhabited islands, 661 cays, and about 2,387 exposed reefs.The total land area is approximately 5,380 square miles, about the size of Wales or two‑thirds the size of Massachusetts.

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