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A 2008 survey of found that 10 percent of American women between 18 and 44 reported “low sexual desire.” And plenty of people living in any culture who do experience sexual desire don’t actively look to fulfill it with another person for various reasons.

"With its current focus on continuous enhancements to the portal, we envision AT&T increasing its competitive advantage." - "Oldest and greatest of the portals is AT&T's Business Direct portal with the i GEMS (integrated Global Enterprise Management System) back-end supporting all AT&T's enterprise services and with hooks into hundreds of third party monitoring and management software.The number of Americans in their late teens and early 20s who have never had sex is also rising: about 29 percent of women and 27 percent of men, according to the National Survey of Family Growth.(That survey of Japanese people under 30 refers to “dating,” not sex.) Nearly 40 percent of American women have never been married, according to one survey, and nearly 20 percent of American women in their 40s have not had children, according to another. The “were not interested in or despised sexual contact" number does seem very high, though the “or” seems to be doing a lot of work in that sentence. But, this specific date gets super awkward, super fast.After the man gushes about how he wants the whole package (the kids, the house, etc.), the woman reads on her dating app that he had written "never getting married" on his profile.

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