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George's Park also offers complimentary on-site parking.

St George's Park is home to all 24 English Football Teams, and is an inspirational centre for coach education.

This building and management we dealt with gets the maximum stars in our book.

We come to the city three times each year and have stayed lots of places, but so far, this is our favorite.

We would highly recommend this apartment to anyone for having a kitchen, a great refrigerator etc was exactly what we needed! I am biased because I love Jerusalem and would be happy in a hostel, but that being said, this view made waking up in the morning a religious experience.

From the window you can see the entire city all the way to the Temple Mount!

I don’t think we would ever return to one of those overpriced hotels. We would highly recommend it to friends and family with no reservation whatsoever.

Im super greatful for the work Quan and Mel and the girls do. Not only do they provide fantastic service but they are so friendly and kind. Well done for all your hard work and thankyou can't recommend you enough!!!!

I'm really happy with the service and products at Q and H Nails.

Luxurious and beautiful and the people running the show were very forthcoming in their willingness to assist and ensure my satisfaction on every front.

It is good to avoid conflict but becomes better when you collaborate.

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